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On to the final leg of my West Coast Adventure, as I explore from Port Owen to Langebaan, before finally heading back to Cape Town. See my first and second posts in this series for more about my reasoning for taking this trip and the things that have caught my attention to this point.


As my trip leads me closer to Cape Town, so I experience less of the small town feel of the West Coast and more of the “big city” essence that so aptly describes the City of Cape Town. Nowhere on my trip was this more apparent than at Port Owen.


Port Owen at Velddrif on My Lime Boots


Port Owen is a deep water marina located in the town of Velddrif and is a haven for folk of the sailing persuasion. Velddrif forms part of the West Coast Whale Route and offers many great viewing points along its beaches. It is also a birders paradise. I spent my Wednesday evening at a very comfortable guesthouse in Port Owen.


My true experience of Velddrif took place the following morning, as I awoke early to explore my surroundings.


Fishing town of Velddrif on My Lime Boots


Along the lagoon located outside the town of Velddrif, I came across a collection of fishing businesses and small restaurants. My desire for the authentic West Coast experience had once again been ignited as I explored this space, so rich in local culture. Since it was early on a Thursday morning, just a few fishermen were around, but the tranquility and peacefulness of the place will forever remain with me. 


From Velddrif I headed in the direction of St Helena Bay, where I would be taken back in time to a key event in our South African history.



Driving out of St Helena Bay, I was headed for the quaint fishing village of Paternoster. Taking its name from the prayers of shipwrecked Portuguese sailors, and believed to mean “Our Father”, Paternoster attracts regulars and tourists alike who come to enjoy the seafood on offer.


I also made a few new friends along the way.


Cattle on the road to Paternoster on My Lime Boots


I stopped to take a few quick shots of the cattle in this great open field, which I came across along the way to Paternoster, and man, where they inquisitive. No sooner had I got out the car and they were all crowded around to see what I was up to. Such are the joys of exploring the backroads!


Paternoster Cape West Coast on My Lime Boots


I enjoyed a great West Coast lunch at Voorstrandt Restaurant, right on the beach. What a great way to pass an afternoon, even as the rain clouds rolled in.


After lunch and some time spent exploring Paternoster, I was back on the road to my final layover on my West Coast Adventure – Langebaan.


Known as the “Jewel of the West Coast”, the town of Langebaan is situated on the shores of the Langebaan Lagoon. Located a mere one hours drive from Cape Town, this picturesque town appeals to both adventure seekers and those, like myself, needing a respite from a lifestyle that allows limited time for reflection. The area is a world renowned hot spot for kite surfers, wind surfers, kayakers, fishermen and yachtsmen.


Langebaan Cape West Coast on My Lime Boots


I stayed over at the 4-Star Crystal Lagoon Lodge in Langebaan. Located on the beach, I could not have asked for a more fitting end to my West Coast Adventure. My night was spent resting in a luxury suite listening to the crashing waves. The breakfast served the following morning ensured I was ready to greet the West Coast in the most fitting manner possible. But first some exploring along the boardwalk located in front of the lodge.


Crystal Lagoon Lodge Langebaan on My Lime Boots


When you are next in Langebaan, be sure to contact Crystal Lagoon Lodge and allow Elize and her team to look after you in true West Coast style.


Mid-morning on the Friday I jumped into my Ford EcoSport one last time and hit the road. No more backroads and dirt roads, I was back on the main road headed to Cape Town. But I will forever hold dear my experiences accumulated during this week, most of which I have shared with you over this series of three posts.


The Cape West Coast is an adventure that everyone should experience at least once, whether your are a local South African like me, or a visitor to our fine country. Your time in this tranquil, beautiful spot on the globe will offer you space for reflection and time to truly enjoy an experience that doesn’t come about every day. Be sure to check out Cape West Coast Tourism for more on the West Coast.


Have you experience the Cape West Coast or are you planning to explore the area? Would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below and on my social media platforms!


For more on my Cape West Coast Adventure, see this little video I made of the trip, up on my YouTube Channel.






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