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2015 Year In Review – Mahlatse James


As we continue the series of posts reviewing the year that was 2015, today we hear from a new friend of mine. The year 2015 brought about many new friendships, alliances and acquaintances. I am pleased to say that Mahlatse James sits firmly in the first category.


A self proclaimed style addict with a wonderful talent for observing human nature, then translating these observations into words, Mahlatse continually challenges me to think about my own sense of style. No slave to any trend yet an interpreter of the better ones, join me as we share MJ’s thoughts on 2015.


MJ & Stuff


The exciting year that was 2015 has little more than a great chance of going down in history as one that afforded infinite chances to almost everyone keen to partake in the fashion industry. Success stories have definitely spread wide across all possible spheres within the business of threads, and the reactions and responses are what made it all worth witnessing.


I do believe it is a known fact that even though the local fashion industry appears to exist within fringing traces of… everything really. Much like the arts business in general, few are heralded to have “cracked the code” and seem to clutch principal positions, having gone through many-a-season as though only “they” get to call the shots, and with what seemed like fictional pride, shunned everyone else from even dreaming up a position. A notion stylishly contested.


You see, I can boldly declare that a shift slid through right as “the powers that be” surrendered the bridge between front row and actual fashion as worn on the street. Designers quickly followed suit and created garments that can be worn by almost everyone the minute they stepped off the runways. A new guard was birthed every other day and the consumer crossed legs beside activators of style.


On the other hand, these widely flung barricades exposed the reality that the industry is built on firm foundations managed by an expanding force. This saw a collective of a fly-by-night populace exiting the stage almost as quick as they claimed to have created flourishing hashtags. Mercifully, what’s left is still a great contribution to a line of work that still manages to balance the dreamy with the reality. Brands formed a stunning alliance with knowledgeable individuals to help expand their reach, and this has thus far resulted in a peaking of direct interactions.


It goes without saying that social media superstars took to the lead role this year and traded a throng of following as currency; one can only hope that they made the bank with enthusiasm too. There was also a massive shift on the street style front; twinning became a thing to look forward to and the importance of a near-perfect backdrop reigned paramount at the side of proficiently placed associations.


In a personal capacity 2015 brought with it great lessons. I took a heap of risks as I refined my skills palette. For a person who takes pride in not adopting tittles, I focused a tad bit on my styling portfolio and had an opportunity to work alongside people and fashion brands I could not even have dreamt of working with. This sighted a refreshing decision to keep one’s plans as just that, and pay very little attention to restricting resolutions; unless of course I happen to find the Trend Analyst’s hat too attractive.


I cannot possibly predict what 2016 will bring but I do know without a shadow of doubt that this time in the new year we will be taking stock of all the positive and thrilling happenings. Best wishes to all who will be taking part.


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