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2015 Year In Review – Sandy L


It was late 2014 and I had just ventured into the blogosphere, when I received a Direct Message on Instagram from Sandy. She was interested in featuring me on her new venture, Humans Of SA. I immediately said yes; and what started was to become, and continues to be, a wonderfully blessed friendship. 


Although Sandy is Cape Town based and I am Joburg based, each time we get together, we seem to pickup where we left off the time before. Sharing our dreams and plans for the future, as we both tackle the social media mammoth our everyday lives have become.


From riding around Cape Town on a Vespa while shooting video, to chatting in a bookshop, my friendship with Sandy continues to inspire me. I was delighted when she agreed to be a part of this project of posts for the blog.


Sandy has many stories to tell, let’s see what stands out from 2015 for her (the shot below of Sandy and I was from early in 2015 at the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival, at least two hairstyles ago, for me).


Ryan and Sandy Humans of SA


Some thoughts before we see the back of ’15. 

Years back companies began to embrace a social responsibility acknowledging key roles they must play in order to ensure the growth of our country. Fast forward to today and we find the individual who has left the wolf pack, acknowledged their own personal responsibility and committed themselves to pushing the wheels.

I have had the privilege of interviewing so many interesting people for my website this year. I am first to say I believe in this country because I believe in our people. The amount of people I have met this year who are starting, or in the process of building something that has the intention to employ many, educate or help in some shape or form, is truly overwhelming. 

Humans of South Africa

1 Craig Father a Nation    2 Pam Second Chances    3 Achmat Hassiem    4 Derek Watts    5 Brent Lindeque    6 Shelby from Durban    7 Fashion Revolution    8 Anita SA Fashion Council    9 Jolynn Minnaar

I recently read an article, brilliant and brutal, about how we all wish each other other well, but who the hell is actually doing. If I do not write I am not a writer. Simple and truth.


On a personal note 2015 was a wise old teacher, at times I hated listening, but that which has the power to teach and alter us for the better, should have our attention. 

May the year ahead be a year of doing. Say what you mean, mean what you say and get off your ass and do because trees don’t plant themselves. 

Find Sandy and Humans of SA on the Web, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



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    1. I love reading the stories on Humans of South Africa… Everybody does in fact have a story… If one takes the time to ask, then listen, something will resonate between the two of you!

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