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2015 Year In Review – Tara Johannisen


I met Tara early in 2015 when we were both invited to speak at a panel discussion, investigating the role of bloggers in the fashion space. We sat next to each other and immediately struck up a conversation and friendship, that will soon see us collaborating on the fashion front. Watch this space!


Tara is a strong, independent woman, taking every advantage of the avenues our technologically savvy age provides, to express her passions, including fashion. Her blog, trend Soiree, seeks to “…capture all the beauty and wonder in our world, especially the Mother City, Cape Town…”


Join me now as Tara shares her thoughts on 2015 and beyond.


Tara Johannisen Trend Soiree


As I look back on 2015 it’s been one helluva roller coast with highs and lows, tummy churning moments and tummy exhilarating turning moments of excitement. A year filled will doors of affirmations and some obstacle courses that had me questioning what I was doing as an individual.


This year has taught me more about my personal growth and who I am to become. My understanding of life itself, and placing everything into clear perspective for my way forward, but this practically took an entire year to come to this conclusion.


The year 2015’s goal was to grow my brand trend Soirée through brand collaborations primarily with other South African brands. Ideally to represent and grow my brand no one else but myself, tara Johannisen: fashion activist and lifestyle influencer from the blog trend Soirée.


As an investments graduate, and currently as a junior fashion planner in the online fashion industry, I still wished to pursue my artistic ability, hence the birth of my blog, trend Soirée, where I’m able to unleash my creative thoughts, to collaborate primarily with other upcoming South African fashion pioneers and lifestyle brands.


Hence showcasing an amalgamation of what’s trendy, the hidden gem landscapes and some of the most talented creatives on offer in South Africa, to the rest of the world making me unique to my peers. I feel that my artistic style has taken on a unique approach to portray fashion as a modern day art form, as I believe that fashion gives you the opportunity to wake up and dress up like a new character every day. Why not do that with absolute flair? Ultimately, I feel that fashion is just another art form to showcase your paintings to those who wish to appreciate them.


This year I had the amazing honour of working with local talent and building what has become a rarity within the fashion industry, as it is a cut-throat industry, friendships and partnerships with brands like Miglio Designer Jewellery, a local Cape Town jewellery manufacturer,  magents founder, Didier and business partner Thei as well as Jonty from Cove Coffee, Lauren from Lalalux and Keys Fashions from Johannesburg, the Design Academy of Fashion where I have met my business partner Salva Dembele where we are definitely going to have your jaws dropping in 2016, creating fashion in art motion.


As well as first-hand to experience the power of social media connecting the global community within seconds. This gave rise to the opportunity to do a live interview via twitter with one of my favourite bands, South African House music pioneers, Mi Casa, a box to be ticked on my wish list.


Befriending people who are just people via social media, people who are humbled by their fortune, it has just been a totally overwhelming experience to find this pot of opportunity opening the gate to new things and a different look on life through social media.


I have always loved speaking being able to have my voice heard, and we have seen this on an international platform from today’s youth this year as well, #FeesMustFall which even overflowed onto the fashion runway. I too had the opportunity to have my voice heard through the power of Fashion blogging at the Bokeh FFF, Cape Town Fashion Council and Design Academy of Fashion but not only that, to interact and learn from my peers. This is how I befriended Ryan, through sharing knowledge with people who have a common goal and shared interest in boosting the fashion industry in South Africa. It has been such an honour to do what I love every day, that I am able to take a thought and let it materialise into a plan of action, into a reality.


Ultimately this was an unforgettable year, and I only worry how am I to top it in 2016. As I believe that I had achieved what I had set out to do, collaborate. I look back at 2015 and smile as it fed me, swallowed me up and spat me out whole again, but it has been a learning curve that has put my 2016 goal into motion, love.


Yes, 2016 is the year of love, to love what I do, love in its purest forms, to be honest with oneself and what I produce and to love thy neighbour. As love is just that simple and comes so easily and once you can accept it everything else will fall into place, I truly believe that this is it, as love is art and that is what I wish to achieve.


Find Tara on the web, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



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